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  • Restaurant Inventory Management Software Designed For Restaurants, By Restaurant Professionals

    WizeCost™ is an all-in-one restaurant inventory management platform designed to optimize and streamline Back of House restaurant operations, featuring online purchasing, real-time food & menu costing, POS sales integration and more!

    Helping Restaurant Owners and Managers Save Time

    One of the most precious resources restaurant owners have is time. WizeCost™ restaurant software can help you save over 10 hours a week by eliminating time consuming Back of House tasks like placing orders, accepting deliveries, chasing credits and handling paperwork. Customers save time by:

    • Exporting directly to their accounting software
    • Never having to type out a purchase order again.
    • Avoiding disputes with suppliers.

    Planning on growing your business? Restaurant owners and managers know that the larger your business gets the more paperwork you need to process and the more time spent talking over the phone with suppliers. Start freeing up time in your business – start using WizeCost™.

    Increase Profitability

    Increasing your profit margins is easier with the help of WizeCost™! Cut out excessive ordering and maintain optimal inventory levels with WizeCost™ real-time ‘Food Costing’ report and ‘Restaurant Inventory Management Tools’, and make sure your menu items are as cost effective as possible with our Back of House Menu Costing features.


    Customers report a 5-8% improvement in their margin & 12% saved on food costs just by using WizeCost™.

    Control your Food Costs

    Following up on your on-going business costs is a challenging task. Frequent changes in pricing, multiple-orders issued to multiple suppliers by multiple employees can be confusing.
    This is no longer the case, WizeCost™ restaurant inventory management software allows you to follow up on your food costing in real-time, track with price fluctuations and making sure you meet your budget. All in the palm of your hand with your phone, tablet or PC – anytime anywhere.

  • WizeCost™ Has All The Features Your Restaurant Needs!

    WizeCost™ restaurant software features were created to help optimize operations, streamline restaurant inventory management and cut unnecessary costs. Start using them today and start saving time and money:

    Ordering App

    Your Online Ordering Tool

    It can cost upwards of $100,000 to build an ordering app. Give your restaurant the convenience of online ordering at no cost.


    Real-time cost control,
    reports, Stats and BI


    Inventory management
    and control


    Online Orders, credits and
    returns from all suppliers

    Menu Costing

    Real-time food & menu


    Easily connect with your accounting system

    Point of Sale

    Connect your POS
    For Inventory Tracking

    Mobile Apps

    Mobile and tablet

    Low Cost

    Low cost – SaaS service.
    No installation required

  • Manage Multiple Locations With A Click

    Simply Put, Chains Love WizeCost™.

    Running multiple locations is an incredibly complex operation. WizeCost™ ensures unity across your chain and maximizes the benefits of group purchasing making sure you optimize your purchasing power.

    WizeCost™ helps you control the day-to-day operations of your group by

    placing all the right tools and information in the palm of your hand

    saving your business money and countless hours of paperwork.

    Unity & Control

    WizeCost™ makes it easier to ensure unity across all your branches.

    Be a Gate Keeper of Supplies & Suppliers:
    Ensure your branches only deal with suppliers you have authorized, purchase only supplies that are approved and pay only the prices you have negotiated – giving you the power to meet your volume target more easily.

    Supervise Orders in Real-Time:
    Review all purchase orders issued by all branches in real-time from all their suppliers, making sure those do not exceed their approved limits/budgets .

    Menu Unity:
    Make sure the menu items prepared by all the branches are unified in cost and ingredients. Need to make a change to your company’s menu? Not a problem! With WizeCost™changing your menu for supply, seasonal or financial reasons has never been simpler.

    Data Obsessed

    With the power of WizeCost™ platform you’re provided with a united, bird’s-eye view of your entire operations, allowing you to always be in the know. Use WizeCost™ innovative analytics to keep track of your branches operational cost and meeting their targets.

    • Real-time chain/branch analytics are always up-to-date.
    • Get daily, monthly and quarterly comparisons for valuable insights.
    • Keep track of your supplier’s price fluctuations.

    Central Kitchen

    With WizeCost™ central kitchen commissary account feature the connection between your branches and the commissary moves online, creating a truly fluent operation that ensures that your branches get the supplies they need when they need them giving your commissary kitchen the ability to plan ahead.

  • We Have All The Features Your Chain Needs!

    WizeCost™ features were created to help optimize operations and cut unnecessary costs. Some of these incredible features are the following:

    Authorized Suppliers

    Set The Chain Authorized

    Authorized Prices

    Fix Supply Prices
    For All Your Branches

    Authorized Varieties

    Fix The Supply
    Each Branch May Order


    Real-Time Food & Menu
    Costing For The Whole Chain


    A Bird’s Eye View
    Of All Your Branches

    Central Kitchen

    Connect Your Branches
    With Your Central Kitchen

    Mobile / Tablet

    Mobile and Tablet


    Connect With Major POS &
    Accounting Systems


    An online purchasing system can be a great help when it comes to running a restaurant or chain, here’s 10 good reasons why...

    1. Cut Out the Human Error

    Incorrect ordering can cost your business. Whether there’s too much of an item or something has been forgotten, mistakes are often made through human error, by kitchen workers who are working endlessly. An online purchasing system reduces those errors because everything is viewable and there are ample opportunities to check orders before they are sent.


    2. Know the Costs before you Order

    With an online ordering platform there’s no need to guess costs. When you purchase online from your suppliers, you can view each item in the catalog with it’s updated price.


    3. Keep an Eye on Your Suppliers

    When you order online you can be sure that your suppliers are delivering exactly what you’re paying for, because all the orders are recorded and viewable upon delivery. This information is available to any employee, so that no matter who made the order, anyone can find the discrepancies.


    4. Track your Credits and Returns

    Once you’ve marked discrepancies and created credits or returns, a good online purchasing system will track and monitor your credits, making sure you receive them at the end of the month . This information is available and clear to both the restaurant and the supplier.


    5. Consolidate all your Orders and Suppliers

    By consolidating your orders, you can get a better understanding of your costs. This information can be powerful to understanding how to cut costs and which items you order most to give you buying power for those purchases.


    6. Increased Transparency, Collaboration and Efficiency

    An online ordering system creates a place in which ordering can become a group effort and all of the responsibility does not fall on one person’s shoulders. Due to the transparency, managers and owners stay in the loop and everything stays stored in one easy to view place.


    7. Get your Inventory Online

    Online inventory management can be a chore, however an online purchasing platform automatically populates your online inventory with all your ordered items, meaning it’s all there – all you have to do now is count it.


    8. No More Entering Orders

    Paperwork is the scourge of the kitchen. The beauty of online ordering is having all your orders digitally and ready to be used in your accounting system, without ever having to them type in.


    9. Order on the Go – at any Time of the Day

    Finished a late shift and the bar needs a re-stock? There’s no need to wait till tomorrow morning to place an order, you can do it there and then on your phone. Now go get some sleep.


    10. Monitor your Recipe Costs in Real Time

    A successful restaurant or chain should be fully aware of its food costs, but usually this means waiting till the end of the month to make the calculation. An online purchasing platform calculates your food costs in real time and alerts for issues before they become problems.

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